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In early 2022 an idea was born to make use of blockchain technologies to allow people from all over the world to participate in a crowdfunding effort for HubCity using crypto. These contributors not only donate funds for the expansion of HubCity, they will also decide how these funds can be used to support particular projects within the organization.
For this purpose a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) named “HubCityDAO” will be created on the Ethereum network where people can donate ETH and get in exchange HUB, an Ethereum ERC20 token that acts as the governance token of the DAO. Holders of the HUB token will be able to vote on how to use the collected ETH in support of HubCity and their vote will have a weight proportional to how many HUB tokens they have in their wallets.
The HUB token is not an investment as it has no economic value, instead it is a way to get involved in the future of HubCity and to belong to a community of individuals who share similar values and support a vision for the future of what smart cities can be. HubCity is a project born in Africa, Togo to be exact, but its community is global.