HubCity’s Governance

HubCity will have, upon its creation, a certain number of social shareholders* who will share decision-making power during important and strategic votes, including the election of the "Operations Board" (C-suite members of HubCity elected for 2 years).
HubCity's largest shareholder is the NGO "L'AFRICAINE D'ARCHITECTURE" with 70% of all shares.
26% of the shares and decision-making power is attributed to crowd-investors as part of the "HubCity Skinoff" working fundraising campaign, April-May 2022 (gofundme, paypal, etc.)
4% of the actions and decision-making power is attributed to the WoeLab community and beneficiaries and end users of local HubCity solutions.
L'AFRICAINE D'ARCHITECTURE undertakes to cede, on its share, 20% of the power of decision to the Juicebox community - HubCityDAO.
HubCityDAO will therefore also be a shareholder of HubCity (the legal entity) with 20% of all shares. He is a de facto member of the Administration Council alongside the NGO, investors and beneficiaries.
This means that DAO members will have the opportunity to participate in finding, vetting and electing the C-suite (CEO, CTO & CMO) of HubCity using the HUB governance token. Keep in mind that the result of a vote for electing a member of the C-suite by the DAO will only have a 20% weight on the final decision. This is in contrast to the 100% voting power that the DAO will have when it comes to unlocking funds for supporting specific HubCity’s projects.
Another difference when it comes to electing C-suite members vs funding projects is that the former will always be an off-chain process defined and managed by the NGO, while the latter will be an on-chain process that’s defined and managed by the DAO itself.
HubCity’s governance structure
Once elected, the Board of Operations will have the ability to select the members of the Local Board for each Hub (physical locations) and to release funds for their operation based on the available budget. The Local Board will be members of the community where the Hub is located and they will be in charge of the day to day operations of each location.
Although HubCity doesn’t yet exist, one Hub is already in operation under the supervision of the NGO. This Hub is called “WoeLab Prime” and it’s located in Lomé (Togo). Once HubCity is formally created, this Hub will fall under its umbrella. The vision for the future is for multiple Hubs to be created in different locations, all of them under the supervision of the Board of Operations.