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System Architecture

HubCityDAO will be the result of integrating multiple web3 dapps on Ethereum. Each dapp will provide essential modules for the DAO like crowdfunding, multisig wallet and voting. The main reason to avoid building a custom solution is to mitigate risks.
Developing secure smart contracts is very hard as even the best developers have created faulty dapps in the past that have resulted in the loss of millions of dollars. For this reason HubCityDAO will only use battle tested solutions that have passed the test of time and that have been vetted by security firms. HubCityDAO will be an integration of the best dapps available on Ethereum.
As with any other system, HubCityDAO will evolve over time and for that purpose we have conceived three different phases of its development. Keep in mind that this plan might change in the future as the needs of the DAO and the associated challenges are better understood.