Phase 2

The goal of this phase is to create a mechanism for HUB token holders to analyze, discuss and vote on proposals aimed at supporting HubCity. At this stage DAO members will need to trust that the signers of the multisig wallet that acts as the DAO’s treasury will abide by the results of votes by the community. In a later phase this level of trust will not be required as the result of the vote will directly control the wallet.
HubCityDAO’s web3 and web2 modules during phase 2
In this phase a workflow for proposing, discussing and voting on HubCity’s projects to fund will be defined as part of this white paper. Discourse will be used as a place to publish project proposals and collect opinions from the community. To vote, the community of the DAO (HUB token holders) will be able to express their vote without paying for gas fees using Snapshot.
Once the vote is concluded and a result is publicly known, the signers of the treasury wallet will act accordingly with the wishes of the community by releasing funds from the treasury or not (in case a vote fails). Additional research will be required to select the best voting strategy for the community and to protect the DAO against whales abusing their power.
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