Phase 3

The goal of this phase is to create a fully autonomous DAO where results of a vote by the community on how to use the treasury’s funds triggers an action on the treasury’s wallet. This will remove the need to trust that a group of people acting as signers of the multisig wallet will abide by the results of a DAO’s vote.
HubCityDAO’s web3 and web2 modules during phase 3
Given that Snapshot is an off-chain voting mechanism, the results of an election will need to be brought on chain to trigger a transaction on the treasury’s wallet. This will be done via Reality, an oracle that relies on Kleros for arbitration in case a malicious actor tries to put on chain a fake result of a vote.
To further protect the system against malicious actors, monitoring will be set in place with OpenZeppelin’s Sentinel so the community will be alerted any time a suspicious action happens on the blockchain that relates to the DAO.