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The People

HubCityDAO is the result of the collaboration of the people listed below.

Sename Koffi Agbodjinou

Architect and anthropologist by training, Sénamé Koffi Agbodjinou advocates a neovernacular concept that he concretely translates as an innovator, designer and entrepreneur at the scale of the product, building and city. He is the founder of L'Africaine d'Architecture, a collaborative platform for research and experimentation on issues of African architecture and cities. He is also the founder of WoeLabs, a network of Togolese tech-hubs that aim to 'make everyone equal in the face of the digital revolution'. With his community, he contributes to prototyping a Digital Collectivism, which has made it possible to launch half a dozen startups. In his work, he develops alternative visions on the issues of integrated architecture, primitive computationalities, technological democracy and sustainable cities. His work has been acknowledged by amongst others the African Innovation Summit (2014), the Global Fab Award (2014), the Ashoka Foundation (Fellow since 2017) and the African Leadership Award (2018).

Yawo E. Afande

A Mechatronic system engineer by training, Yawo is a world citizen deeply rooted in Africa. He has experience working in the international corporations in the factory automatization industry, Embedded systems for aeronautics, and e-mobility in engineering and project management roles. Aware of the possibility of a dystopian tech future, he chooses to work toward a Utopia where technology serves a harmonious society. In Hubcity, in addition to contributing to implementing the vision of decentralization and self-empowerment, he focuses on mentoring and tutoring community members.

Seth-Pharès Gnavo

Mahugnon Seth-Phares Gnavo, Beninese computer engineer and social entrepreneur, is a developer in mobile applications. After a few months of accounting studies at Pierre Mendès University in Grenoble, Seth decided to turn definitively to IT. Co-founder of Modeling Agri Systems (e-MAS), a company specializing in the design of digital solutions in agricultural value chains, one of his playgrounds is the connected egg incubator of Beninese champion Adiyeaba, incubated at WoeLab. Convinced that Artificial Intelligence can bring major social improvements in Africa, he is particularly involved in this area. With WoeLab he has also been collaborating since 2018 within the DataForces network, the objective of which is to federate an African ecosystem of data issues. He also uses his technical skills to develop the smart plastic waste management platform (SCoPE), which facilitates the collection of plastic waste in urban areas for processing.

Julien Carbonnell

Julien is a French urban scientist, digital nomad, with a real estate development background. He switched to urban innovation startups with a specific interest in “Citizen engagement in smart-city” which is the title of his Ph.D. thesis. In his book “Democracy Studio - AI on citizen engagement” he is sharing five artificial intelligence models trained on case studies in Taiwan, Israel and Estonia. Now traveling the African continent to get a better understanding of the digitalization of cities from the field, and train more algorithms on African case studies, he is also mentoring local startups through workshops, coaching, and hackathons.

Augusto Gerardi

Augusto Gerardi is a project developer, artist and reseracher, who works with the relation between art, life, politics, and digital media. He has developed social impact projects in Venezuela for more than 10 years, his artist work is based on reserach and filmaking with focus in the history of technology and art in Latin America. His works have been exhibited in Caracas, Bogota, Paris, New York and Berlin. At HubCityDAO he is in charge of media ,communications marketing, He hold a bachelor degree in Media Art from the Unviersad Experimental de las Artes, Caracas-Venezuela, he is currently studying Fine Arts in the UDK, Berlin-Germany, and Working with JKPEV in Dresden-Germany

David Barreto

David is a Canadian-Venezuelan engineer that after spending more than a decade as a software development consultant for Fortune 500 and Silicon Valley companies decided to switch his full time focus to blockchain technologies. David is the web3 architect of HubCityDAO and a core contributor to its white paper.
David holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering and a Master’s degree in Systems Engineering from “Universidad Simón Bolívar” in Caracas - Venezuela.