Funding Projects

In an ideal scenario, anytime HubCity is in need of funds for a project, its CEO can make a request to the DAO to allocate part of their funds (ETH) for this purpose. In order for DAO members to analyze this request, the CEO will submit information about the project along with the amount of crypto needed to make it a reality.
DAO members will then discuss the proposal and ask the CEO more information if needed. Once all the details are known, the DAO will start a vote where all HUB token holders can participate. The result of this vote will decide if the funds will be allocated for the requested project or not.
High level workflow of how the DAO will operate
This is of course a vision of what the DAO will be over time. Because DAOs are still experimental ways of self organization that are not exempt from risks from hackers and whales (wealthy individuals that have overwhelming voting power) HubCityDAO will start as a fairly centralized system that over time will evolve into a fully autonomous and decentralized organization based on the lessons learned at each stage of its development.