The DAO, the NGO and the Cooperative

At this point you might be wondering, is “HubCity” the same thing as “HubCityDAO”? They are related but they are not the same. The figure below illustrates the relationship between the NGO, the DAO and the Cooperative.
Relationship between the NGO, the DAO and the Cooperative
“HubCity” is going to be a spin-off of the “HubCités Africaines / Lomé” project of the Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) “L'AFRICAINE D'ARCHITECTURE” funded by Sename Koffi some 10 years ago in France. To make the spinoff a reality in Togo a cooperative will be legally registered in the country. As HubCity expands to other countries new legal entities will be created in accordance with the legal framework of each nation.
“HubCityDAO” on the other hand is an entity that exists only on the blockchain and whose main objectives are to raise funds for the project, participate in the election of HubCity’s board and to create a global community of supporters. At this point in time, the funds collected by the DAO can only be used to support projects within the Cooperative registered in Togo but this could change in the future as HubCity expands.